KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan

KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan – Palawan Resorts Accommodations

KokosNuss Resort Coron Palawan the place where you can relax. KokosNuss is located in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Rounded hills covered in open grasslands, rivers, jungles, mangrove swamps, mountains and rocks. It’s a wild remote area.

Coron Island Palawan – The main island surrounded by more than 80 smaller islands with emerald clear water, pristine white sand beaches and corals, bubbling of marine life. The small fishermen’s town Coron is the best basis for adventurers, nature-lovers and divers for expeditionss.We organize tours to the highlights of the Calamianes. Or just have a sweet time. Hang around and relax in our cozy exotic garden and enjoy the snacks and cool drinks served by our friendly girls. Take your pleasure of the Philippines Easy Way of Life.. visit Palawan Islands.

Discover Coron, Palawan – Busuanga and its islands offer you some of the most spectacular and varied environments in the Philippines.

KokosNuss Garden Resort Services includes the following:

  • Coron Island Tours, snorkeling, swimming, beaching, climb and snorkel the enchanting Cayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake, navigate through beautiful hidden lagoons and bays – sometimes populated by the native Tagbanua-Tribe of northern Palawan.
  • Island Hopping tothe numerous islands of the Calamianes Group of Islands.
  • Hiking and Climbing. We give you a reliable guide or the necessary tips for your private tours.
  • Sea and Dive Safaris customer tailored Scuba dive or snorkel the famous ship wrecks, coral gardens, caves, undersea, hot sources, swim in crystalline water, sunbathe on pristine white beaches, relax and dream while we navigate through the beautiful islands of the Calamianes.
  • Motorbiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Wildlife Safaris
  • Ethel Fajardo

    Koskossnuss Resort is a family owned resort. The owner and his family live in the same place. Family members,staff,guests use the same office and hang out in the same area.
    What keeps us happy is the aircon which works well.

    I booked our room in advance (February) for April 11 to 17, 2012 with the price of P 1,980. The rate is not reasonable because their staff are not well trained to handle guests and their complaints. They only greet you when the German owner is sitting outside. Another thing, you will even clean your own food order, after you finish eating you will place the food tray in front of your room guess what? you will find it again the next day… so you have no choice but to clean it up on your own.

    I will not recommend this place.

    Unique Qualities: The one that they claimed a swimmig pool is about knee deep high. It means you can’t really swim in it because it is too small, about a meter radius. It is more of a fountain to me than a pool.

    We stayed at Room G1 (aircon room). It is good for a couple only because the room is so small. The toilet have only curtain as a cover so when nature’s call, the other partner should go out of the room unless they can bear the smell.

    Note: When we arrive the room has faulty electrical wiring’s, when you switch on the exhaust fan at the toilet it will become so smelly.

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