Underwater Living Treasures: the Four Turtles of Palawan

According to Chinese Feng Shui experts, water is the dominant element for 2013. Did you know that turtles are considered as the luckiest water creatures in Chinese mythology?

Foreign and local tourists go to Palawan for Ecological tourism. Aside from the endemic birds and crocodiles, turtles are the object of fascination and wonder in Palawan.


The Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Known as “Kutuan”, this variety of turtles are abundant in Cuyo, Palawan up to the far south in Tawi-Tawi.

Green turtles are usually found in tropical and subtropical waters. They mainly stay on continental coasts and islands, are generally herbivores, and gets off every day by feeding on various marine flora. Baby green turtles eat small animals though.

Palawan Marine Life

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricate)

Commonly referred to as “Pawikan”, the Hawksbill Turtles can also be found on Turtle Islands in Palawan. They are among the most endangered turtle species in the world so the local authorities are tight when it comes to these creatures.

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At present, the hawksbills are few in numbers even in highly protected sanctuaries. They thrive on tropical waters and prefer to keep nestle on shallow areas which have abundant corals. They feed on sponges and other marine flora.

Palawan marine life

Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)

Loggerhead turtles have mighty jaws as one of their distinguishing characteristics. They can live on different kinds of waters; they normally swarm on temperate waters and tropical oceans.

Palawan Marine Life

Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)

Natives in Cuyo call them “Kantuhan”. Compares to the other three species, leatherbacks have the thickest skin which allows them to withstand colder waters. Their diet consists of soft-bodied invertebrates like jelly fish and similar mollusks.

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Turtles represent longevity and wealth. They can live for a few hundred years which makes them the best symbol for good health. However, their existence is currently endangered because of their very meaning in Chinese fortune telling. They are sold to wealthy businessmen in the black market pet trades.

Since 2009, the National government along with various local municipalities in Palawan province has focused their efforts on rescuing Philippine forest turtles from illegal smugglers. In August 2012, 39 Philippine forest turtles were confiscated from a traveling Chinese National in Hongkong. They were shipped back to Palawan a few days after.

Dubbed as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”, Palawan is home to many biological creatures, and among them are the Palawan Turtles. Not everyone is aware of this fact but of all 7 species of turtles in the world, Palawan nestles four of them.

It is indeed a blessing to have them in our shores, and taking care of them is the least we can do to ensure that biological harmony will remain in our islands for the years to come.

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Full Moon Festival at Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Have plans on the 28th? Well you’d better keep your schedule free because an exciting event is being brewed up in Puerto Princesa.

Marina De Bay Resort & Spa will be holding their first Full Moon Festival in Puerto Princesa, Palawan this coming November 28  & Dec 28.  Enjoy the best view of the full moon in Palawan, and have fun with other watchers while eating good food, watching fire dance performance,  and listening to acoustic live bands.



Full Moon in Marina De Bay

Marina De Bay Resort and Spa is famous for its breath-taking view of Puerto Princesa bay. Situated in front of Palawan dock area, one can effortlessly see the boats and vessels drifting on Palawan’s clear blue waters.

During the day, this place is an epitome of peace and tranquility.

At night, the spot turns into an ideal place for romance. Lovers and couples walk around the hilltops and bay area, trying to take in the view of the stars offset by the dark sky and reflected on the glistening dark waters. With the soft lights dancing and playing on its waves, the bay becomes a magical reflection of the night sky.

photo from pinoyphototrekker.com

During the full moon, the scene becomes even more magical as the place is showered with the moon’s pale blue light. It will be a sight that one couldn’t dare miss.

A great variety of dishes will also be served during the event. The resort will set up a buffet table for the Moon watchers. Since they are also famous for their wonderful dishes, everyone is guaranteed to have a full meal while gazing at the full moon. Price is only at P245.00 per head. Amazing deal, right?

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Palawan – Best Travel Region in 2013

Seems like October had been a month of good luck. We’ve received yet another great news a week before the month turns over.

Palawan is now listed as one of the Best Travel regions for 2013!

Last week, Lonely Planet released their Best Travel lists for 2013. Although Philippines isn’t included in their list of top ten travel countries, the famous travel website named Palawan as the eighth travel region on the rise.

Screenshot of Lonely Planet Best Travel Page

The list was said to have been chosen by Lonely Planet‘s team of travel experts, authors, commissioning editors and selected travel community members.

Aside from Palawan, the other rising regions in the list were:

  1. Corsica, France – Dubbed as Melting pot of Med to host Tour. This French Mediterranean Island was recommended for several tourist activities, events, and food.
  1. The Negev, Israel & the Palestinian Territories – the Desert in throes of transformation, their developing green region is best for adventures, activities, and off-the-beaten-track travels
  1. Mustang, Nepal – The road connecting China to Mustang, called “the last forbidden kingdom” is soon to be completed. Hence, Lonely planet predicts that a lot of trekkers would head to this place in 2013. Recommended for activities, off-the-beaten-track travels, cultural sites and attractions.
  1. The Yukon, Canada – This snow-covered place is recommended for  activities, adventure, and off-the-beaten-track travels.
  1. Chachapoyas & Kuelap, Peru – Dubbed as the “Hidden gem of the Andes”. Road constructions are currently being completed, so Lonely Planet expects travelers to crowd this once-isolated place soon. Best for adventures, cultural tours, and off-the-beaten-track activities.
  1. The Gulf Coast, USA – What else is there to say? Was recommended for its lively activities, family tours, and “sulit” exploits.
  1. Carinthia, Austria – According to Lonely Planet, this “Serene bargain nestled in Alps”,  you would come to this place if you want adventures, family tours, and value for your money.
  1. Palawan, Philippines – Now this is our spot. More about our place below.
  1. Inland Sea, Japan – Japan without the bells, whistles and bullet trains. Lonely Planet says it’s a good destination if you want Culture, activities, off-the-beaten-track adventures.
  2.  Campania, Italy – Of course,. this place was named as best for their culture, family-themed tours, and food-tasting trips.



Palawan: The ultimate archipelago for adventurers

Lonely Planet named our province as the “ultimate archipelago for adventurers”. Not really a surprise since our place offers many wonderful sites for extreme travel adventures.

Diving enthusiasts wouldn’t miss the Tubataha reef. If they want more, we also have Coron diving sites. Thrill-seekers looking to take their diving experience in a different level would often opt for Tec diving (Technical Diving), go down several feet deeper to visit giant Japanese ship wrecks.

Mountain climbers and trekkers would find their own travel routes as well. Palawan is known for its mountains and waterfalls characterized by majestic rock formations .

Underwater adventures, trekking, mountain climbing – name it, Palawan should have it. It really is a dream destination for off-the-beaten-track adventurers. Though why it was only in top 8 we have no idea yet. Maybe your judges need to experience our province in the flesh and see how truly marvelous this place is.

No exact details regarding the criteria were given, but the original post from the travel site read that they might have chosen candidates because: “… they’re undeniably up and coming. Maybe there is something special in store for them in 2013. Or perhaps we just…love them to bits and want to shout it from the rooftops.”

For whatever reason you guys might have, we are speaking for all Palaweños when we say that we are very proud and happy Palawan is in your list!

What do you say? :D

Experience Palay Festival in Narra, Palawan


If you’re planning to visit Palawan, then this coming week is probably the best time for you to put that into action. The municipality of Narra will be celebrating the Palay Festival this last week of October, and the activities they have lined up will surely add excitement to your trip.

The town of Narra is located in the south part of Palawan, about 91 kilometers away from the Puerto Princesa. Celebrating Palay Festival is the Narra people’s way of giving thanks for a year of bountiful harvest. As such, the Narrawenos always make it a point to celebrate this festival the “grand” way.

#1 Palay festival was formerly called Anihan Festival, but the name was changed because there’s another province in the Philippines that celebrates their own Anihan Festival. The Narrawenos decided to change the name of the festival to avoid issues.

#2 The change in name went for the better because the term “Palay” (raw rice) further emphasized the town’s reputation as the “Rice Granary of Palawan”.

#3 NARRA stands for National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration. Before it was ordained as a municipality in 1969, Narra was only a resettlement area for landless Filipino farmers.


Last year, the locals and the tourists enjoyed a host of different activities: colorful float parades, food fairs, agro-industrial presentations, lively street dances, local beauty pageants, and many other local competitions. The tricycle hut competition is probably one of the most interesting, as it featured the talent and ingenuity of tricycle drivers in designing their Nipa hut entries.

Fortunately, one of our friend blogger, Martin, was able to document this competition. Here are some of the pictures he had taken: 

So what are you waiting for? Fix your palawan packages and schedule your trip today. Join the Narrawenos as they celebrate Palay Festival.

See you there!


In Spanish, it can mean Princess of Ports. Some folks say a lovely  but mysterious , princess-like maiden paced the seashore at certain times of the year  a long, long time ago. Or  it could be the restless haunt of a babaylan, a native priestess and witch doctor who knew how to summon and quiet natures restlessness.

Others claimed the name of sprung form the unique geographical location of the city that protected it form the vagaries of weather and a harbor depth that allowed ships  of all sizes to dock. Thruly, all these made the harbor in the city a priced princess among ports.

Yet, historical records bear that the little was given in honor of Princess Eulalia of Spain. She was born in 1864 to the reigning  monarch , Queen isabella  II, and her consort , Dr. Francis de Asis . The princess met en untimely death , and the grieving queen named the harbor city after her. The princess must be remembered , and named after it is a city with a harbor of such prime and strategic value.

From the midst of time , the harbor city emerged as Puerto princesa , the capital of Majestic Palawan . It is the home another legend , The legend palawan , where the thrills and adventures of a lifetime can begin.



Watch the sun descend long the horizon while cruising around Puerto princesa Bay through the winding Iwahig River. You may wish to windsurf, kayak, or ride the hobbie cat. When night falls, get whisked to a cool evening ride, gently easing into the Palawan waters. Quietly watch the fireflies pu on a magic show of their own, lighting up tree with tiny dancing, flickering lights amidst the vast mangrove forest. Pan your flashlights into the water , where small fishes jump and dance as well.

El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan

Welcome to El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan – Palawan Resorts Reservation

The El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan is set amidst 500 meters stretch of beach, distinctive panoramic view with enchanting mangroves and its breathtaking neighboring islands in Palawan. Guest  can also relax in the well-maintained infinity pool with cool spring water or indulge in a cool drink at the Port Caltom’s Reef Bar.

The El Rio y Mar Resort Palawan can arranged various activities with trips and tours.

Island Escapade – Spend time alone with friends and loved ones in a beautiful uninhabited island. Choose from our romantic island destinations.

Island Hopping – Hop into our boats as we tour you to three uninhabited islands. Surely, the sights, both above and underwater will not fail to enthrall you.

Bottom Hopping – In lieu of a fishing rod, try your luck with a reel of nylon and some bait out in the open sea. If you do get lucky, bring back your catch and we’ll cook it for you.

Calauit Wildlife Safari Tours – Take a trip to the Philippines’ premiere wildlife sanctuary, Calauit Island. See various species of exotic and endangered Philippine-bred African animals as well as Palawan endemic animals roaming freely.

Coron Island Tour – Spend a whole day exploring awe-inspiring sights of Coron Island – a definite must-see visit Cayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Siete Picados, Maquinit Hot Springs and Coron Town.

Dugong Watching – The dugong (sea cow) is an endangered marine mammal which can measure up to 3m long and weigh 400kg, and feeds on seagrass. Dimakya is one of the few areas in the world where dugongs can be observed in their natural habitat.

KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan

KokosNuss Garden Resort Palawan – Palawan Resorts Accommodations

KokosNuss Resort Coron Palawan the place where you can relax. KokosNuss is located in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Rounded hills covered in open grasslands, rivers, jungles, mangrove swamps, mountains and rocks. It’s a wild remote area.

Coron Island Palawan – The main island surrounded by more than 80 smaller islands with emerald clear water, pristine white sand beaches and corals, bubbling of marine life. The small fishermen’s town Coron is the best basis for adventurers, nature-lovers and divers for expeditionss.We organize tours to the highlights of the Calamianes. Or just have a sweet time. Hang around and relax in our cozy exotic garden and enjoy the snacks and cool drinks served by our friendly girls. Take your pleasure of the Philippines Easy Way of Life.. visit Palawan Islands.

Discover Coron, Palawan – Busuanga and its islands offer you some of the most spectacular and varied environments in the Philippines.

KokosNuss Garden Resort Services includes the following:

  • Coron Island Tours, snorkeling, swimming, beaching, climb and snorkel the enchanting Cayangan Lake and Barracuda Lake, navigate through beautiful hidden lagoons and bays – sometimes populated by the native Tagbanua-Tribe of northern Palawan.
  • Island Hopping tothe numerous islands of the Calamianes Group of Islands.
  • Hiking and Climbing. We give you a reliable guide or the necessary tips for your private tours.
  • Sea and Dive Safaris customer tailored Scuba dive or snorkel the famous ship wrecks, coral gardens, caves, undersea, hot sources, swim in crystalline water, sunbathe on pristine white beaches, relax and dream while we navigate through the beautiful islands of the Calamianes.
  • Motorbiking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Wildlife Safaris


In Coron Bay, you have some of the bext wreck diving in ASIA. The wrecks are being well preserved and bristling with marine life. Unitl now more than 12 of them are known. Experience PADI Diving Instructors will accompany you.

Nothing matches the thrill exploring a big wreck. Explore also coral reefs, shoal of fishes, barracudas, mantas, caverns, drop-offs and a hot volcanic lake, We arrange for you and good valued dives and courses with PADI Open Water Certficate